Autumn 2017 Newsletter issue #25

Sophia Update

Where do I start?

I know where most good stories start.

Well once upon a time, there was a nasty man of the Kingdom, who was not a man of truth and transparency when it came to Sophia's and the good work and magic they sprinkled in the Kingdom.

This nasty man wanted to close Sophia's down and unfortunately thought that spreading rumours and lies on a nasty little forum would be the best way.

The first lies that were spread were that the qualifications were null and void as they were EU qualifications. The lovely legal team dismissed this and confirmed our qualifications were worthy over and above for the amazing work they were doing.

The nasty man then thought he would only publicise some of the qualifications so that it would look like they were only qualified in a few areas. What a silly man as all the qualifications are in full view at Sophia's.

The nasty man then decided that if they were not qualified, then they were not insured, then they probably didn't pay tax, then we were probably working illegally and so on and so on. What a busy nasty man he was, sometimes up at 5am to start his rumours. He incited others to believe this and spread his rumours and then said Sophia's were closing. This was said so that people would not come to Sophia's and maybe this would make them close down or go bust.

Anyway, the lovely staff at Sophia's who were trying to run the business were being inundated with rumours and some people understandably believed these to be true.

The lovely fairy god mother, let's call her Marie Louisa, assisted in helping Sophia's with a denuncia on the nasty man hoping he would stop.

Oh no it went on and on and on, a bit like this story.



Continued in column 2 ......

... continued from column 1

The poor people of Sophia's were facing a tough time. Especially when they were out socially as people were telling them that they were losing their jobs and Sophia's was closing. People literally screamed at them that they should be ashamed that they were unqualified. This made the poor team at Sophia's very sad and so they one night decided enough was enough. Lets close the doors as they did not move to Spain for all this harassment.


The pretty princess, let's call her Michele, and the handsome Prince, let's call him Ovie, shouted "Oh No we are Not."




Both Princess Michele and Prince Ovie said "Lets fight for our reputation and hold our heads up high. We all know we have done nothing wrong. The truth will come out and the kind people of the Kingdom of Arboleas will find out the truth."

The King and Queen agreed that bullies should never win and we must do what is right to save the business they loved and had worked so hard for.

So, they fought and fought and, guess what, the nasty man was found out to be lying and resigned. The lovely people of Arboleas now knew the truth and the Sophia team could carry on the good work and to this day still continue to do so.

They went from strength to strength and celebrated their 10th birthday with pride.

The residents of the Kingdom of Arboleas exercised happily ever after.


Special thanks for all the people that made this story a happy ending. All those that gave us a hug, sent us private messages, showed and offered support and believed in us. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To all those that mocked us and spread the rumours we suggest counselling which we can be offered at a good price by our fully qualified therapist at Sophia's.


Gym membership only 17.00 Euros for a month. - This offer will be available for 10 days from Monday 9th October. The best gym membership price in the area.

Toning Tables and Rehabilitation only 40.00 Euros for a month. This is a saving of 10 Euros.

Come and join us for a glass of cava or orange juice next week.

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