April/May 2017 Newsletter issue #23

Rehabilitation @Sophias

Nearly 10 years ago Sophia's opened it's doors in the centre of Arboleas. The main focus and business was on our Toning Tables led by Michele. We have not only moved to larger premises but increased the variety of fitness equipment, classes and services.

The toning tables are still one of the most important and rewarding departments at Sophia's. The toning tables are not only for clients wishing to increase their fitness in a controlled and supervised way, but also to help people with reduced mobility.

Clients who have back problems, muscle wastage or even suffered from stroke can certainly benefit from these machines. Post operation clients who have hip or knee replacements make an increased recovery and reduce the time of the clients needing walking sticks or frames.

Our best advice is not to sit and vegetate and lose your quality of life but regain the dream of life Living in Spain. It is not just the patient who has the pain and struggles but usually the partner or husband who is caring for them. We have asked our client and friend Susan and her husband Fred to write a few lines on the improvement it has made to both of them.

Susan and Fred's story

From Susan Harris

Fred and I have been coming to Sophia's for 2 years and finding this family was the best thing for us. I had a stroke in July 2014, which totally disrupted our dream of moving to Spain. But, after 4 months of intensive re-hab we made the move in March 2015.

Finding Sophia's later that year has given us hope of keeping that dream alive.

I am put through my paces at Sophia's by Michele - who is quite simply my rock, with her firm but light-hearted approach to re-hab work and the variation of that work not only makes my body work better but looks after my mental well being as well. To aid this I have the most relaxing massages ever from Claudia.

The staff and members of Sophia's are like family and are so generous with their encouragement and genuine concern. I believe, this has helped me in my progress on the road to recovery.

To you all I owe a large THANK YOU.

From Fred Harris (Susan's husband)

There is as much verbal exercise going on as well as physical, which is great, as it takes Susan's mind to a different place for a short while. I can relax for an hour, have a coffee .... or two, knowing she is in safe hands. So if you see me sitting on the sofa in the corner with my headphones in, I am not being unsociable. I am just relaxing.

I say a big THANK YOU to you all and to Michelle, Claudia, Paula, Phil and Stacey for making it all possible.


Henry and Stella on their recent engagement. A great couple who met at Sophia's and now plan a new and exciting future together.

Get Ready for Summer Time

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

Great for excessive wax, sinusitis, itching or discomfort - During April and May only 12.00 euros.



Shellac Nails

This nail polish can last up to a full month without chips, breaks or the need for extra coats. Only 15.00 euros for either your hands or feet.

A Relaxing Pedicure

Our Pedicures include care not only for toenails but also dead skin cells on the bottom of the feet. Your pedicure will include granular exfoliation, moisturizing, foot mask and a relaxing massage. Then the icing on the cake is your toe nail file and paint. All you have to do is choose the colour of your nail varnish and leave the rest to Gill. This will leave your feet smooth and silky and ready for your sandals. This treatment will take about an hour and costs only 16.00 euros

Summer Waxing Package

Eyebrow wax, tidy and reshape - Plus Top lip or Chin wax - Plus Half Leg Wax and Moisturiser - Complimentary Eye brow tint or lash tint. All for 25.00 Euros

Table Tennis

We are excited to inform you, that we are now the proud new owners of a Table Tennis table. It will be available for hire at only 2.00€ per person, this includes bats and balls or if you're an eager table tennis player then only 12.00€ per person per month! PING-PONG!!!!

Easter Opening

We will be closed for Easter, Thursday 13th April, Friday 14th April and Saturday 15th April, but we will be open as normal on Monday 17th April.

Fusion Class by Michele

A mixture of deep stretch, combining ballet, pilates and yoga movements. The Fusion class is every Thursday at 1pm. This class is for all ages, sizes and abilities. Or in short everyone is welcome.

Gym Membership Offer

Buy 6 Months membership and receive a free 30 minute massage by Claudia. (Either for you or your family if they are visiting this summer)

Sophirsty Bar

Healthy Option

Now introducing freshly made healthy green smoothies - Choices of fresh fruit and vegetables made to your requirements. Only 2.50 euros per healthy glass.

Or a large cup of freshly made coffee and a freshly cooked famous Sophia sausage roll only 2.50.

Have You Seen This Man

Have you seen this gentleman walking around Sophia's? It is Fred Smithers our full time acupuncturist. Fred has been at Sophia's for nearly 5 years working his magic in his therapy room. If you would like to be introduced or book an appointment for acupuncture then please let us know. Fred has had some amazing results and is incredibly knowledgeable on the behaviour and ailments of the body


Amazing new Rejuvenating Facial


We would like to welcome a new member to the Gym. We have a new Eliptical machine to help with all your cardio and fitness requirements. Please ask Ovi or Phill if you require any assistance.

New to Sophia's

Gastric Band Hypnosis is a new and unique weight loss treatment. Patients experience a massive reduction in their appetite and typically overall lose somewhere between 2 and 4 pounds in a week. This may not sound much, but over 8 weeks this equates to between 16 and 32 pounds. Just in time for the summer.

Gastric Band surgery (hypnotic) takes 5 sessions. The idea is that Fay will recreate the real surgery as closely as possible. In your mind you will walk the corridors of a clinic. Meet the Doctors and Nurses and experience the various procedures. You will wake up like you have just woken from a surgical procedure. Your subconscious mind then believes that this has really happened to you. Fay includes sounds and smells to the hypnosis to help your subconscious mind.

Are you Intrigued? Then let us know if you would like more information or a consultation.

Dates for Your Diary

Semi Permanent Make-Up - 24th April

Laser Hair removal, Chemical Facial peel and Permanent thread vein removal. Monday 27th March and Wednesday 3rd May

Tai Chi starting back with us Thursday 6th April 14.00 - 16.00 and only 5.00€ per person.

Spring is in the Hair

Winter is now officially behind us, Spring is a time to change things up. To spruce up your home, your wardrobe.... and your hair? It can be so scary choosing a new hairstyle, but this time of year is definitely the best time to do so! Elaine our fantastic hair stylist is her to help, guide and make you look your ultimate best. Please feel free to come in for a free friendly chat and leave those worries and dull hair behind you.

Thread Veins

Do you dread the thought or baring your legs when it comes to the summer season? The thought of holidays or wearing skirts, or going swimming leaves you somewhat embarrassed? Many of us suffer from Thread veins and we at Sophia´s have the answer of removal.

How does leg thread vein removal work?

Leg thread veins can be removed quickly and easily leaving your legs smoother and even-toned. The safe removal of thread veins is called Sclerotherapy, The qualified beautician injects a solution into the vein directly.

Consultations free of charge and appointments available on Wednesday 3rd May.

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