December 2016/January 2017 Newsletter issue #21

Christmas Opening Hours

Please note we will be closed for the Christmas holidays on Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th December and Monday 2nd January

Dates For Your Diary

Tarot/Angel Card Readings - every Thursday

Laser Hair Removal, Facial Peel and Spider Vein Removal - Tuesday 13th December and Tuesday 17th January

Dr. Juan, cosmetic surgery advice, Botox and fillers - Thursday 2nd February

Why Join Our Fitness Club?

As 2017 begins and New Year's resolutions such as joining a gym and getting fit are on your mind. We at Sophia's want to remind any new clients that we are Judgement Free and we believe a positive gym culture is created by focusing on and creating a friendly, comfortable, and non-intimidating environment at a price that everyone can afford. We're excited to support everyone who's optimistic about their resolutions, and encourage everyone to take the first step toward reaching their health and fitness goals. Book in for your free induction and programme card in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

We are pleased to offer a special deal for January and February

During January and February we are offering all clients who have a 3 month gym membership the following promotion included in the membership.

  • Monthly weight check
  • Blood pressure check
  • BMI check
  • Body fat check
  • Nutritional advice pack

Speak with Phil or Ovie for more information.

Gift Vouchers

Question - What is a perfect Christmas gift?
Answer - A Sophia gift voucher. Available for fitness, hair, therapies or beauty treatments.

If you purchase a sophia gift voucher in December for a gym or toning table membership for 3 months we will give one month extra free.

Laser Lipo Offer

BUY ONE SESSION GET ONE FREE. ONLY FOR JANUARY BOOKINGS. Free Consultation and trial available. Reserve your appointment for this amazing offer asap.

Nails @ Sophia's

Shellac Nails only 18.00 euros during December and January with a free luxury hand mask.

Hair @ Sophia's

Fitness Training Parachute Style @ Sophia's

Can you run fast enough to open the parachute? Come along to Ovie's Boot Camp Class and give it a try. If you can then the class is FREE.

Vera Childrens Orphanage

Last year between us all we collected many many presents for the children and babies at the Orphanage. We would like your support to do this again. We cannot accept cash donations but a handmade cardigan or a small gift for a child up to 15 years old would make the world of difference. Please please drop in a small gift for a child and we shall arrange to get them taken to the orphanage. A big thank you for all last year's gifts, let's do it again..

Christmas Party

Everyone is welcome to join the staff celebrate the festivities. We have a limitation of 80 spaces so please grab a ticket from reception at Sophia's. This will be a great night and a lot of fun.

All the team at Sophia's wish you a very Merry Christmas and Amazing, Happy Healthy 2017. Happy New Year and THANK YOU everyone for your support and friendship. X

Flamenco Workshops

Introduction to a monthly Flamenco Workshop at Sophia's

Francesca is offering a 2 hour monthly workshop. This will be a small group so if you are interested in learning this Spanish tradition please reserve your place.

This British-born Flamenco dancer is fast becoming a local celebrity, as venues hosting her events sell out within hours of advertising.

Francesca Girone, is an experienced teacher and professional dancer and is well known in Mojácar and surrounding areas. She is described by a local Spanish newspaper as 'La Gitana Inglesa' (The English Gypsy) and began Flamenco lessons when she first moved to Spain a number of years ago, saying that it helped her integrate into Spanish life.

There are no specialist shoes required as we are going to learn Flamenco Rumbas...a style of flamenco that is easy and fun to learn and is particularly useful for dancing at local fiestas!!! The added bonus is that it also burns lots of calories and keeps your bottom and legs well-toned. Her workshops are fun and energetic and are suitable for all ages. If you are interested in attending our January workshop then please let us know.

The next date will be Monday 19th December 11.30-1.30. Once again there are limited spaces so please reserve your spot.

Do You Experience Constant Fatigue?

  1. Are you eating too much sugar? Sugar is digested quickly by the body, leading to a dip in blood sugar levels that leaves you feeling fatigued.
  2. You aren't exercising enough. It may seem counter-intuitive that exerting energy will actually increase it, plus, regular exercise improves sleep quality, which will ultimately leave you feeling good.
  3. You're skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast can definitely contribute to low energy in the morning. Without fuel, your body is running on empty.
  4. You're sitting too much. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be harmful to your health and a major energy zapper. Moving for even a few minutes helps get your blood circulating through your body and increases the oxygen in your blood, ultimately sending more oxygen to your brain which increases alertness.
  5. You're drinking too much caffeine. Coffee is a stimulant that will give you a quick jolt, but can also leave you crashing soon after if you ingest too much. Plus, it can affect your sleep pattern.
  6. You have poor posture. A study found that slouched walking decreased energy levels while exacerbating symptoms of depression. By simply altering body posture to a more upright position instantly boosted mood and energy, so sit up straight!

How Many Calories?

Life is for living so enjoy each and every one.

Christmas Hamper

Come along and have a chance of winning this amazing Christmas Hamper. We will ask Alan Pearce our local Home Watch Coordinator to pull out the winning ticket on Monday 19th December. Only 3 euros per ticket.

Christmas Gifts

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a friend or neighbour, we have gift vouchers, handbags and an assortment of sparkly and handmade jewellery at Sophia's which would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Personal Trainer

If you are serious about getting fit, healthy and in shape, then why not book your free consultation and chat with our Personal Trainers either Ovie or Michele. Appointments can be made at reception.

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