October/November 2016 Newsletter issue #20

Karate Awards

Congratulations to Ovie Ojiri, Steven Bristow, Ian Cunningham & Mick Macguire on achieving your first Te-Ken karate belt. All your commitment, effort & sweat have paid off.

Ovie Ojiri has now been awarded his yellow belt.



Clients Personal Story

Losing the Kilos (or Pounds)

A glance in the mirror and this 70 year old decided 'I need to lose some weight'. How many of us have said it. But it is not that easy. We say 'I want to stop smoking' but we can live without cigarettes; we cannot live without food.

So what about food? Hey, I know all about food and what to eat and what not to eat. I was a Weight Watchers leader for heaven's sake! Soooo cut out the junk food; (easy: I don't eat it) OK, cut out the sugar, cakes and biscuits; (haven't got a sweet tooth, so rarely indulge). So don't buy processed food (I buy very little and only as a standby). OK back to basics - I joined a Fat Club! Found a good one. For me, having to stand on those scales, every Thursday, focuses the mind, plus the endless encouragement and support, and to date I have lost 9.3 kilos (20.5lbs).

The scariest thing about losing weight at my age is you lose the fat but keep the skin! Takes a lot longer to tighten everything up as you get older.

But Sophia's to the rescue! Ovie has given me some exercises to tighten up the 'batwings' and with the other gym work I do, I am already starting to see a big difference to my shape.

The most important thing for me about losing weight is the obvious fact that 'if you do exercise and watch what you eat', it works! I still have the odd Cornetto and occasional curry, but if I can do it, so can you. Like stopping smoking - you really have to want to do it! But take your time. You don't have to lose half a stone every week! And take all the support and encouragement you can get from the gym, your Fat Club leader and, of course, your friends.

Now I can look in the mirror and say 'Looking good'!

New Classes

Tai Chi - Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm

Fusion - Ballet, Pilates, Yoga based - Thursdays at 1 pm.

Disco Spinning - Tuesdays 4pm

Hunx Night

Laughter is the best medicine, so grab your girlfriends and see the very talented Hunx at Legends in Arboleas on Sunday 30th October. Tickets are available from Legends or Sophia's

Christmas is only 12 weeks way

Get ready with personal training from our Fitness Team either Michele or Ovie. Regardless of your fitness level both trainers would be able to help and assist with your goals. It is imperative that you book your session and discuss your realistic targets with them. Appointments are available from our reception..

Special Offers

100% Natural Facial Experience

Using Mother Nature's finest products to revitalize, nourish and stimulate your sun damaged skin. Usually 40.00 euros but during October and November Gill is offering this facial at 30.00 euros.

Dates For Your Diary

June, Semi Permanent Make Up - Monday 17th October & Monday 21st November

Hypnotherapy/Tarot/Angel Readings - Friday 28th October & Friday 25th November

Reflexology, Anna Bedford - Monday 24th October, Monday 14th November & Thursday 15th December

Laser Hair Removal, Facial Peel and Spider Vein Removal - Wednesday 2nd November

Dr. Juan, cosmetic surgery advice, Botox and fillers - Friday 4th November

Charity Event

Harmony Community Support Alfoquía

We are continually fund raising and this year sees our 3rd Annual Community Fair and Show on the 22nd October held at the Renfe in La Alfoquía. This year we aim to run an even bigger and better show and we are therefore looking for as much help as we can from individuals and businesses within the local community. If you feel able to offer a donation whether a quality raffle prize or alternatively cash to support our efforts we would be most grateful. If not then at least come and join us on the day for a truly wonderful event in aid of a worthwhile cause!
Many thanks - Lynda Bird - Harmony Board - 627 635 514

Full Speed Ahead! Excercise and build up your bones

As we age, we may feel like slowing down our exercise routines, but all signs say: Full speed ahead!

Heart disease is the No.1 killer of men and women, and enjoying a regular aerobic routine will keep your heart healthy and happy. Other benefits range from keeping you regular to helping you focus more productively and creatively. Exercise keeps your muscles toned, and the right kind will also increase bone density and strength.

Osteoporosis is known as a "silent disease" because there are no symptoms. Seniors are especially susceptible to osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones lose density, growing porous and fragile. Although it's more common in older women, men aren't immune. In adults ages 50 and older, 16 percent of women and 4 percent of men have osteoporosis. You can't control some risk factors: Being female and postmenopausal; having a small frame; being white or Asian; having a family history of osteoporosis; and taking certain medications, such as anticancer drugs, antidepressants, or proton pump inhibitors that reduce stomach acid.

Be Kind To Your Bones

The big factor in bone building is exercise - the weight-bearing or resistance kind that stresses your bones. When bones bear weight, the force stimulates them, helping them maintain healthy density. So walk, jog, dance, or climb the stairs.

Exercise isn't your thing? Well it should be - and the time to start is now. Research shows that endurance and resistance training - even launched late in life - boosts bone mass in seniors.

Ease into your new routine with this simple, effective, and mind-calming tai chi move. Tai chi and yoga improve balance and help guard against falls. One study showed that tai chi reduced bone loss in women after menopause.

What's New

New look and reform of studio 2. We have new fitness mats, ballet bar, sound, light and music system and projector to make your fitness classes as exciting as possible.

Rehabilitation Walking Bars. The new rehabilitation bars are offering a new lease of life for people struggling with muscle wastage or difficulties walking or balancing.

These bars will offer safety and assist in building strength and muscle and more importantly confidence. Michele who specialises in our rehabilitation is offering afternoon one to one rehabilitation sessions. If you or somebody you know could benefit from one of these sessions then please book a free consultation.

Fred Smithers our Acupuncturist is now full time at Sophia's with his very own designated therapy room. If you would like an appointment with Fred, please let us know


Our very own Julia Hubbard takes on the Americans and wins

  • 1st Place - IPL Figure Open
  • Athletic Open & Masters Sports Model
  • 2nd Place Masters Bikini (After tie break for 1st)
  • Masters Evening Gown

So far Julia has already won 3 samurai swords, 3 cut glass trophies, one bronze statue and five medals. Let's hope she is allowed to bring them back on the flight back to Arboleas.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp Spain introduced their first overseas clients to Sophia's during August. You may have seen them all working incredibly hard in the Gym and classes. On average over a 3 week period they lost 18lbs each. We wish them all the luck for the future.

Kid's Summer Camp Success

We have to give a big round of applause to Juani who ran Sophia's first ever Kids Summer camp here during a very hot August. We had some amazing feedback and happy parents and children. Juani did a fantastic job and it was an absolute pleasure having her. Now she can rest and put her feet up and hopefully organise for next year. Thank you to everyone that came along and most of all Thank you to Juani Martinez, Eres genial!!!

Some Sports Stars who trained at Sophia's this summer

Kirsty Skingle - Boxing Champion



Julia Hubbard - World Champion Natural Body Builder

Andy Plumb - UK 4 times Senior Champion and Kumate Gold Winner


Public Holidays

Please note that we will be closed on Wednesday 12th Octber (Hispanic Day) and Tuesday 1st November (All Saints Day)

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