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It is nearly 2 years since I received my letter advising me of my appointment to go for a mammogram checkup. I duly went along with a friend to the BIG BUS parked near the school across from the Town Hall. Within 10 minutes of being there I was on my way home. It was very similar to the several other occasions I had mammograms, but this time, this 10 minutes probably saved my life.

A few days later I had a call to say that they wanted to repeat the mammogram, which they did. At a follow up appointment with the consultant it was confirmed that, although I could feel nothing, had no symptoms nor pain and the doctor was unable to detect anything by physical examination, a deep embedded lump had in fact been identified. Further scans and a biopsy confirmed the presence of a lump and it was cancerous.

Within a matter of weeks, I had operations and the surgeon successfully removed the lump and several lymph nodes, of which some had been infected and they wanted to remove the risk of the cancer spreading elsewhere. Nearly 12 months of chemo and radiotherapy followed, a harrowing time made easier with the help of family, friends and particularly my friends at Sophia's gym.

I am happy to say that nearly two years after that initial scare I am still very much alive and kicking!

So, as time approaches, don't put off that important visit to the BIG BUS - for the sake of ten minutes, it may save your life - It did mine.

Margaret Francis

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast. Mammograms can be used to check for breast cancer in women who have no signs or symptoms of the disease. This type of mammogram is called a screening mammogram. Screening mammograms usually involve two x-ray pictures, or images, of each breast. The x-ray images make it possible to detect tumors that cannot be felt. Screening mammograms can also find calcium that sometimes indicates the presence of breast cancer.

The mobile breast screening van will be outside Arboleas School throughout October.

If you are registered on the medical system, you should automatically get an appointment through the post. If you have not received an appointment, then please contact Danny or Roger at the Town Hall. Mammograms are offered to all ladies over the age of 55.

Boot Camp is Back

with Captain Ovie, fortnightly on Thursdays at 9:30a.m.

Starting Thursday 1st October

Sophia's Weekly Therapists


ANNA BEDFORD - Help Translation Desk - Tuesdays at 4pm. Just come along, appointments not necessary.

RAY DANIEL our Sports Therapist offers remedial massages and specialises in injury's and damage to muscles and joints including sciatica, hip and knee problems

FRED SMITHERS - Acupuncture. Free 10 minute consultations are available by appointment every Tuesday and Thursday


LOIS - Foot Specialist - Hard Skin, Bunions, Corns, Nail Cutting

CLAUDIA - Luxury Massageshalf hour or 1 hour sessions. Offering Hot Aloe Vera massages, cranial, neck and shoulder massages and full back massages.

Nails by Gill

Gill is at Sophia's every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A great nail technician who can offer shellac, acrylic, manicures and pedicures. Gift Vouchers purchased at Sophia's can be redeemed with Gill or any of our therapists.

Free Toning Table Trial for Rehabilitation

Michele Dixon specialises in rehabilitation using the toning tables and toning beds. These machines have shown great improvement to people who have suffered from strokes, heart attacks, hip and knee replacements, MS, muscle and back problems. Please come along on Tuesday or Thursdays at 11:30am for a consultation or free trial. There's nothing to lose but lots to gain

Pete Doesn't Go To Sophia's Toning Tables Any More

He started going on them when Sophia's was down at the bottom of Arboleas, a place so small that not even the tiniest of cats could be swung. He was really poorly, and very immobile, and needed a lot of help to even get on to the Tables.

He carried on when Sophia's moved up to the top, into their new, enormous and hugely improved Centre, which could comfortably incorporate the Tables and a fully equipped Gym, and still have space for studios and treatment rooms.

He worked with Michelle, who supervised him with the eye of an educated eagle. He became firm friends with all the staff, and built up a great comradeship with the many other clients – using Toning Tables is very companionable form of exercise.

In fact, he enjoyed himself so much it felt more like a social occasion than a treatment!

So why has he stopped going? Because the treatment was so effective that he regained his independence, and no longer needs them!

Based on his experience, I suggest that if you too have mobility problems, give them a try – it worked for him!

Dates for your Diary

Sharon Bringloe - Specialist Beautician, Monday 5th October - Threading of facial hair, Advanced Electrolysis, Skin Peel, Long Lasting Lashes and Microdermabrasion

Laser Hair Removal - Tuesday 6th October

June Hutchinson - Semi Permanent Make Up - Monday 12th October - June will be going away until January, so please make your appointments for a top up or treatment on 12th October. Have a great trip June.

Dr Juan - Friday 16th October - Botox, Fillers and cosmetic surgery consultation

Tarot Cards and Hypnotherapy by Karen on Monday 26th October.

Clients Stories

A Toning Table Story by Heide

Yes, years ago I used the toning tables at Sophia's gym and enjoyed considerable success. Now, being older and having been diagnosed with an extremely painful degenerative spinal condition, I use the Toning Tables under the expert guidance of Michele to stay mobile. Along with others, who have had similar health issues or who had strokes or hip-replacements. Sophia's has become a rehab-centre par excellence for us.

Ever-cheerful Michele never tires to help us, advise us, and monitors our progress. In my case, being on my own, the daily sessions at Sophia's also have an important social aspect: clients get to know each other, it's like having a big family - and I am always made to feel so welcome. Amazing also, that Michele and Paula seem to know everybody by name- quite a task with hundreds of clients. Sophia's is not just a gym it's a rehab-centre of a special kind: I get one-to-one instructions from the ever patient Michele, including even hugs and a shoulder to cry on (luckily that does not happen to often), and I have made some wonderful friends. Thank you Michele and Paula.

Heide xx

Big Tom - Weight Loss Challenge

Tom has to lose 20 kilos by Christmas in order to have a lifesaving operation on his heart. Tom has set us the challenge to assist him and help lose the weight. Tom's starting weight was 19 stone and we are aiming for under 15 stone by Christmas. If you see Tom training in the gym please encourage him along. Good Luck Tom.

Danny's Achievement

The summer before I started Uni, I ended up weighing between 94 - 96 kilos, about 15 stone (you can see it in the video of my band recorded during that summer).

When I started Uni, I began to eat a lot more healthily and, after 18 months of will power, a bit more salad, a lot less chocolate, fewer digestive biscuits and one VERY intense month in my local gym; I have managed to get my weight down to 82.5 kilos. So up to now I have lost between 12 - 13 kilos (just over 2 stone) and I feel a lot better (and lighter haha).

I would just like to thank Aran, Stacey and everyone at Sophia's for all their help this passed month.

Danny Ogden - August 2015

A Thank You to Claudia Our Massage Therapist

By Ken Simpson

Many years ago I had an accident in which I broke my collar bone and damaged my shoulder, neck and upper back muscles. Now and again the damaged muscles (tendons) come back to haunt me (self-inflicted according to Ovie). My usual treatment is Rest and Pain Killers.

I was advised to try a massage, so booked in to see Claudia; I am so glad that I did as only after a half hour session my back pain had virtually disappeared and after 3 sessions my neck pain had gone.

Claudia once told me that she has eyes in the tips of her fingers and I can quite believe this as she seems to know exactly where to go to ease the pain.

I still have a massage occasionally just to experience the wonderful relaxed feeling one gets afterwards. I thoroughly recommend that if you get muscle pain you give Claudia a try before taking the pain killers.

Get Fit for Christmas

2 Months gym and Toning Table Special membership deal - Join for 2 months and receive a 5.00 euro Christmas gift voucher. The voucher can be given away or spent on you.

Columbus Day

Monday 12th October - National Bank Holiday celebrating Columbus Day. All the staff at Sophia's will be staying in bed all day (not together!!) as we will be closed.

Walk For Life Dinner Dance

Saturday 3rd October at Azabache Restaurant is the Walk for Life Charity Dinner and Dance Tickets are available from Sophia's at 20.00 euros

Help Desk

Help Translation Desk Started in September, Please feel free on Tuesdays at 4pm to bring any translation requests to Anna Bedford

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