May 2015 Newsletter issue #8

A BIG Thank You

Both Phil and I would like to thank everyone for all the messages and support and beautiful flowers I received last month. Unfortunately I had contracted Oral Shingles which went from my eyes to my brain causing me to suffer from a stroke. I am in the progress of making a full recovery and am back working at Sophia's albeit part time for a while. The cards and messages sent to me meant a great deal and had both Phil and me in tears as everyone was so thoughtful. Also the team at Sophia's deserves a big thank you, especially Nicki Batchelor who came out of retirement for a week!


When I had my stroke I was unable to use the right side of my body. My face, arm and legs were all paralysed. The training I had received at Sophia's and knowledge and advice from Michele about keeping my body moving in the correct way, enabled a quicker recovery.

Although some people may recover quite quickly, many people who have a stroke will need long-term support to help them manage any difficulties they have and regain as much independence as possible.

This process of rehabilitation will be specific to you, and will depend on your symptoms and their severity. If you would like to talk with either Michele or myself about rehabilitation or any issues concerning a stroke then please contact us at Sophia's.

Paula's stroke advice. Do not shave your legs in the shower whilst on blood thinning tablets or it will look like Norman Bates has attacked you!

Hair Salon Special

Brazilian Blowout


Nails by Edith and Kyra offering creative freehand nail design.


Pilates Classes are - Beginners on Wednesdays at 1:30 and Intermediate on Thursdays at 1:30

Laser Lipo Offer

Get Ready for Summer - Book 6 sessions of this non-invasive fat reduction treatment and receive 3 free sessions. See the results instantly.
Or speak with Stacey for a free consultation or trial or we can email you details of this treatment.

Massage Offers

Do you suffer from back pain? Claudia is offering 4 different massages. This treatment will help relieves muscle spasms in the neck and back and consists of 4 sessions.

  1. Relaxing back massage
  2. Cranial head massage, facial head and shoulders
  3. Inflammatory massage with Hot Aloe Vera
  4. Aromatherapy massage with essential oils of lavender and arnica

Only 60.00 Euros

Adult Street Dance

Does anyone fancy joining an Adults street dance class by Ellie on Thursdays? Ellie currently runs our kids street dance class on a Mondays and is a character that guarantees lots of fun. Please let us know if your interested.

Sophia T Shirt

Join Sophias for six months and get a free T shirt

Or you can buy one for €6.50

Lysa Mor Lifting Gel

Now on sale at Sophia's

Lysa Mor Lifting Gel is a non-invasive treatment that visibly reduces facial wrinkles thanks to the Botox type effect, without any adverse effects. It has instantaneous effects but also long term action as it protects the skin cells from oxidative stress and stimulates the production of collagen 1.

LYSA MOR EVENT INVITATION and demonstration at Sophia's on Monday 11th May at 11:00am plus a glass of cava to celebrate this amazing product.

Biggest Loser

Michele is running our biggest loser competition which supports and encourages her members to lose weight and inches over the next two months. The biggest loser will win a free laser lipo session and personal training. So come on everyone, if you want to get ready for the summer both looking good and feeling good then join Michele's biggest losers. Good Luck

Dates for your diary

Semi-Permananent Make Up with June - Monday 25th May - 50€ discount on new treatments.

Lysa Mor Lifting Gel Demonstration with Sharon Bringloe - Monday 11th May 11.00am

Dr Juan, Cosmetic Surgeon including botox and fillers - Friday 15 May

Reflexology with Anna Bedford - Monday 18th May


I would like to thank EVERYONE who helped and supported us on the 1st April. The Gymnastics Club had a fund raising event, which involved the team vaulting for 8 minutes and each of the gymnasts collecting sponsors. There was also a raffle and many prizes were donated by local businesses, and many of the gymnasts and parents baked cakes. We also had a very a very generous cheque from the Independent Theatre Group. It was a successful day and I can confirm we managed to raise 2,228.44 euros. This is absolutely incredible!! This money will be going towards a competition sized beam, matting and maybe some other equipment, which is to be decided!

These are unclaimed raffle prize numbers:

On white tickets: 158, 455, 254, 154, 291
On pink tickets: 732, 708, 643, 593, 711 On green tickets: 327, 318, 324
If these are any of your numbers, please pop along and collect your prize at Sophia's.

Love Stacey x


Don't forget Bodypump - only 5.00 Euros per month - Classes are twice weekly on Wednesday at 9:30 and Friday at 10:30 with Ovie.

Ice Cold Frappe Shakes

In 3 tasty flavours -

Fruits of the Forest
and Chocolate.

Come down and Cool down with a Sophirsty Iced Frappe this summer.

Hopi Ear Treatment

13.00 euros during May.
Do you suffer from blocked ears, hardened wax or sinus problems? A 15 minute hopi ear candle treatment could be the answer.

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