April 2015 Newsletter issue #7

Are Your Feet Screaming Out for Some TLC?

Summer is coming and your tootsies will be coming out of hibernation soon. Sophia's can help. Have a look at all our options. . . .

Luxury Pedicure

ONLY 19.50€ for ladies / 16.00€ for Gents (no nail polish)!!

Amanda is offering this deluxe experience which offers relaxation, renewal and a major hydrating restorative treatment for nails, feet and legs. First, a warm softening soak then hard skin is removed and an intensive moisturiser is applied to dry areas. Toe nail cuticles are softened and access is removed, improving the condition, shape and look of nails. Then you will receive a wonderfully relaxing foot and leg massage, followed with a complete range of services from buffing, trimming and shaping, to base-and-top coating and polishing. Plan on bringing sandals to ensure polish has time to dry completely.

Fancy a hair and foot pamper?

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment Cut and Blow Dry and Relaxing Pedicure all for only 37.00€ in our Sophia Hair Salon.

Reflexology by Anna Bedford

Did you know Reflexology can help fight depression, Aid Sleep, Relieve aches and Pains and lowers blood pressure?

Back by popular demand.

- ONLY 20.00 euros

Top Gymnast Awards

From left to right are Ellie Bentley, Callam Shaw and Lucia Nuños Baldzs

They were awarded at the Christmas Party (March 7th) at Amigos Bowling Centre. A great time was had by all, even the parents who were sunning themselves with a few 'beverages' outside and staying away from the chaos from inside!

Fashion Show

We have just received some more tickets for the Glad Rags Fashion Show at the Rosaleda Hotel on Sunday 12th April. The tickets are 5.00 euros each and include a cheeky glass of cava.

Sophia T Shirt

Join Sophias for six months and get a free T shirt

This calculates at -

  • Gym - under 25.00 euros per month
  • Toning Tables - 41.00 euros per month

New Social Class

Card Making Classes by Margaret at Sophia's on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 4:30pm
All your material will be supplied so come along and have a chat.

Beauty Tip of the Month


Sugar is a preferred exfoliant to salt because it tends not to tear at the skin. When dead skin collects on the surface of skin, it's important to lift it away. This helps clear up clogged pores. When skin isn't exfoliated, it can appear ashy.


  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 3 tbsp warm water

Stir sugar into warm water so that it melts. Make sure granules are dissolved, otherwise they could tear your skin. Apply to the face. Gently massage around the skin. Rinse with warm water or take a warm cloth that's steamed in the microwave.

We always offer great advice and a good deal at Sophia's!!

Dates for your diary

Semi-Permananent Make Up with June - Monday 27th April - 50€ discount on new treatments.

Specialist Beautician - Sharon - Monday 13th April - April offer for unwanted facial hair Threading - Eyebrows 10.00 euros and Top Lip 7.00 euros

Badminton for all levels every Tuesday 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It's about being better than you used to be!

Do You Come From the Midlands?

Adult obesity rates have almost quadrupled in the last 25 years, with 23.1% of British people obese as of 2012.
The Midlands is the United Kingdom's most overweight area, with Tamworth in Staffordshire being the fattest town with a 30.7% obesity rate.

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