Fay Anthony C.O.E. Dip Masters in Hypnotherapy. O.L.A. Dip Professional Clinical Hypnotist


Many of us, when we think of hypnosis, imagine some spooky character on stage who calls up people from the audience, controls their minds, and has them do crazy things like running around on stage and clucking like chickens or worse. But even when we think of hypnosis not in the context of carnivals and side shows, but as a form of therapy, we still tend to think of it in terms of mind control.

All these popular images attack the credibility of hypnosis in the eyes of many people. And yet, they are all based on a misunderstanding of the nature of hypnosis. The reality is quite different.

With the rise of modern science and medicine, hypnosis has largely fallen into the lap of medical practitioners and psychological counsellors of various sorts. The founders of modern psychiatry (Freud and others) used hypnosis.

To train as a Master Hypnotist one needs either an advanced degree in a mental health field (such as psychology or social work) or a medical degree (MD, DDS, RN). This approach to training is the best standard of training for hypnosis.

Hypnotic Treatments Available

1 session 35 Euros

Gastric Band 5 sessions [ pay for 4, 5th free] 350 Euros