Electro Magnetic Stimulation

Electro Magnetic Stimulation (or EMS for short) is a modern, non-invasive form of therapy. It uses extremely low frequency magnetic fields to treat various conditions, ailments and injuries. It safely assists the healing processes in the body.

The following are just some of the conditions that respond to EMS therapy:-

Ray Daniel was born in Luton and from a young age became involved in sport, primarily football. After being offered and accepting a professional contract by Luton Town he went on to play for 4 other clubs. It was whilst he was at Portsmouth FC that his interest in anatomy and physiology really started. He was spending more and more time in the treatment room due to injuries so it seemed natural to research those injuries. He felt that the time spent on the treatment table and all the rehabilitation would give him a better understanding of pain and other peoples pain and how each individual deals with it.

Whilst still playing football Ray took a sports massage course and within three years had qualified as a Sports Therapist, incorporating deep tissue release / massage, therapeutic massage, Remedial massage.

Initially Ray worked soley as a massage therapist until he met a lady who worked with Electro Magnectic Stimulation Therapy (EMS). Ray says "We both had success with our individual treatment but we incorporated the 2 treatments and the out come was excellent. I quickly went to the UK to train to practice EMS and now have my own equipment, I have had some exceptional results regarding the treatment of back problems, sciatica, joint disfunction, muscular disorders and neurological conditions, ie, MS, ME."

Ray who comes to Sophia's on a Tuesday also offers remedial massage for those aches & pains.

The price of Sports Massage is €35.00