Fred Smithers, a British trained and experienced practitioner will be at Sophias every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Traditional Acupuncture is a system of Oriental Medicine that has a unique philosophy, view of the patient, their illness, diagnosis and treatment. It has been in use for 4500 years.

Modern conventional medicine that we get from our doctor is marvellous and can be very effective for many problems but is heavily reliant on pharmaceutical remedies that do not always work.

Traditional Acupuncture does not always work, but when it does - in approximately two out of three cases - it has no side-effects and rarely interferes with any prescription medication the patient may be taking.

As a Member of the British Acupuncture Council , Fred is bound by Codes of Professional Conduct and Safe Practice which set the standard for the safe practice of Traditional Acupuncture for when he practices in the UK. These have no legal cover in Spain so he carries a separate indemnity as well as being a BAcC Overseas Member.

Members of the British Acupuncture Council have had to demonstrate that they have received appropriate training and are safe and competent.

Find out more about Fred and his work at www.acupunctureindalo.net/


Acupuncture now at Sophia's every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Due to Fred's popularity we now have a dedicated acupuncture office.